CLMVT FORUM 2019: CLMVT as the New Value Chain Hub of Asia

  • Event Date 23 - 24 June 2019
  • Place Bangkok, Thailand
  • Event Duration 2 days

CLMVT: The Growth Engine of Asia

Strategically located at the heart of Asia with fast-growing economy, state-of-the-art infrastructure, abundant natural resources, and competent human capital, the CLMVT (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam and Thailand) has aptly served as one of the most attractive trade and investment hub of Asia and the world. With a combined population of 238 million, combined income of 760 billion USD and average annual GDP growth rate of 6.2 percent in 2017, the CLMVT region has unceasingly demonstrated a remarkable potential and countless investment opportunities. Notwithstanding the global economic uncertainties, collectively the CLMVT region has shown the world its unwavering unity to stand against the test of time and overcome any challenges facing the global economy.

CLMVT: Preparing for the Present and the Future

Following the "CLMVT Forum 2016: Towards a Shared Prosperity" and the "CLMVT Forum 2018: CLMVT Taking-Off Through Technology" that concluded beautifully, the Ministry of Commerce of the Kingdom of Thailand and partnering agencies are proud to organize the "CLMVT Forum 2019: CLMVT as the New Value Chain Hub of Asia" during 23 - 24 June 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand. The main objective of the Forum is to strengthen our shared prosperity in line with sustainable development principle and to build regional networks among top business people, new entrepreneurs, leading policy makers, academics and younger generations of the CLMVT countries.

Background and Overview

1. Impetus for change

The rise of new technology and globalization have stimulated the spread of production networks in different regions, and presented market opportunities for enterprises. Regional supply chains, created by the surge of foreign direct investment, enable firms, especially small and medium sized, to participate in the global production networks based to their comparative advantages. All this has been fuelled by trade and investment agreements that have sprung up in recent years.

On the other hand, new technology has also changed business landscape, which has increasingly been characterised by VUCA or Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity - an acronym for today's value chain. Another important challenge to supply chain performance is the rising trend of trade protectionism, the threat of trade war and the mounting geopolitical tension that could potentially disrupt production and investment decisions at a global scale. Businesses, therefore, have to be ready for changes in the market to keep everything moving forward.

2. CLMVT: Region of Endless Opportunities

With large and growing population and GDP growth, the CLMVT region has continued to attract foreign direct investment and emerged prominently as major regional supply chain in the global arena. The region is home to numerous multi-national enterprises choosing the region as a production base and a supply centre to serve the entire global market.

The great accomplishments the CLMVT has made in the past, however, does not guarantee a success in the future. As new technologies have evolved and the global economic landscape has become unprecedentedly volatile, time is ripe for CLMVT countries to join forces in order to rise again as the new value chain of Asia.

In this context, a critical issue for policymakers in CLMVT is to ensure that our highly-connected economies can cooperate, attract foreign investment, and respond to rapidly changing global demand. This means that strategic partnership among CLMVT is required to leverage the emerging technologies and our complementary competitive advantages in agriculture, manufacturing and services for our region to remain attractive and emerge as trade and investment hub that is seamlessly connected to ASEAN, Asia, and the world.

3. Trade and Investment Linkage -- CLMVT and Beyond

CLMVT's economy is well known for being a prominent trade and investment hub. This is due to its abundance in natural resources, highly capable labour force as well as supportive and conducive policies and infrastructure. The region's production networks, especially in agri-business, textiles, automotive and electronics, are intimately linked as a regional value chain in which third-party countries have had important role to play. Its regional value chain, in turn, has formed a crucial part in the production networks of ASEAN and Asia and has become increasingly inseparable from the global value chain.

However, the production sectors of CLMVT countries has long been considered as having low productivity and low value creation. Moreover, they are increasingly subject to more stringent regulatory controls on consumer safety, product quality, environmental protection, as well as the pressure from the rise of new and digital technologies. Consequently, it is imperative that the region's value chain be upgraded in order to stay relevant and connected in the global production network. In other words, it has to enhance the hitherto simple production methods to the more modern and profitable ones. To accommodate the shift, moreover, the efficiency of the service sector, especially transport and logistics services, retail and wholesale trade services, business services and financial services that are value-creating activities and enablers of global value chains, also has to be strengthened and improved. All this will ultimately strengthen the competitiveness of the CLMVT region that will eventually contribute enormously to the long-lasting economic prosperity of ASEAN, Asia, and beyond.

Bringing Together the Top Minds of CLMVT

The CLMVT Forum 2019 is an invitation-only event that will bring together prominent business people, "tycoons," from each of the CLMVT countries together with young or new entrepreneurs, top policymakers in trade and investment as well as leading academics. Most of the sessions will be conducted in the informal atmosphere to stimulate candid discussion and participation as much as possible. It aims to become an annual event where "the Top Minds" can meet, brainstorm, share ideas and network together for a better future of the CLMVT region and beyond.


All correspondence should be addressed to "CLMVT Forum 2019" Secretariat at Ministry of Commerce, Thailand. Email : clmvtforum2019@gmail.com

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